No Frontier is Final

No Frontier is Final

On a whim, I signed up for Yuletide.  I’ve never done it before, but everyone goes on about it.  🙂  I hope I do a good job for whomever I get. (I just got my assignment!  This should be fun.  I haven’t written these characters in years, but I did write in the fandom for more than ten years.  Back before there was LJ!)

To the person who gets me, if this all works out, I just want to read a good story.  I don’t have any quirks or kinks to fill.  If there’s anything I really love, it’s hurt/comfort and loyalty fic.  I think those are some of the best stories, because the desire for comfort and a loyal companion is so deep, it’s biological.

I’m thinking of getting an LJ.  I just figured out WordPress, but I’ve used LJ before.  I have a JF account I hardly use.  Maybe I will get an LJ.  If I get really into this fanfic/Yuletide stuff, I probably will make one for this name.


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