Yuletide Letter Redux…

Well, apparently, being more specific would be good.  What did I ask for?  I think it was Blade (movie), Constantine (movie), Amber, and Rose of the Prophet.

What don’t I want?  Blade/Whistler.  I don’t know why I don’t want it, because I write a ton of May/December m/m for my Other Job.  Maybe because father/son stuff is over the edge for me.  Parent/child is usually out, unless they didn’t know each other until the child was well and truly an adult.

What do I want?  Connectedness.  Loyalty.  Comfort.  Defenders.  Aggressors.  Danger.  Ethics.  Tension.  Right and wrong.  Good and evil.

Favourite moments?  Khardan rescuing Mathew.  Mathew’s secret being exposed.  Corwin facing Eric after he escaped to Cabra.  Brand stabbing Martin.  Merlin and Ghostwheel moments.  The grenade in Flora’s purse.  Merlin walking Corwin’s pattern.  Luke and Merlin moments, all of them.  Mandor.   Ganelon becoming Oberon.  Gabriel betraying Constantine and revealing its intentions.  The demon in the mirror.  Blade and King out hunting in the daylight.  King running his mouth.  Blade’s nearly mono-syllabic quips before he kills someone.

Twisted Garden.

Twisted Garden.

But, when I said I want a good story and I want you to have fun, I meant that.  Seriously.  Because that’s why being asked to write something is fun; it’s an excuse to do something you might not normally write, or that you haven’t written in a long time.


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